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CIFX 104C-RE - PCI-104 card for PROFINET Controller or Device

Product name:
CIFX 104C-RE - PCI-104 card for PROFINET Controller or Device

Order number:
CIFX 104C-RE (1270.100) or CIFX 104C-RE\F (1270.101)

Flexible PCI-104 card for PC-based automation, which supports all major Real-Time-Ethernet protocols as Master or Slave.

Product types:
Enabling Technology

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:

Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH

Rheinstr. 15
65795 Hattersheim

Christof Hunger
Tel +49 6190 9907 0

Product description:

With the cifX communication interface, the user will have a unified standard for all Real-Time-Ethernet and Fieldbus systems on different hardware platforms.

The same hardware can be used either as PROFINET I/O Controller or as PROFINET I/O Device and a change of functionality/protocol can easily be done by loadable firmware. 

The complete protocol stack will be executed on the PC-card and data exchange to the host will be done via Dual-Port-Memory or DMA. Hilscher offers the cifX communication cards with PCI or PCI Express, Mini PCI or Mini PCI Express, PCI-104, PC/104 or Compact PCI interface.

All cifX cards include the protocol specific physics and connectors, either onboard or as an assembly interface which is always part of the delivery. With a rotary switch an easy and reliable slot assignment can be done for the PCI types.

A complete software package including a single FDT/DTM based configuration tool for all products and networks, documentation, loadable firmware and driver tool-kit is always in the scope of delivery.

In addition Hilscher offers a comprehensive range of accessories, like OPC server and device driver for different Operating systems.

Due to the own network controller netX a 10-years delivery is guaranteed.







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