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Blade Series

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Blade Series

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Blade Series: compact 1D image reader

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other PROFINET Device

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Via San Vitalino 13
40012 Lippo di Calderara di Reno (BO)

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Tel +39 051 6765611
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Cutting edge traceability with Blade, revolutionary compact 1D reader


Blade Series is the new generation of Compact Industrial 1D Readers designed for lean integration, simple installation and reduced maintenance. Blade represent the R-Evolution of heroic DS2X000 Series:

  • Revolution: Blade is adopting Imaging technology (no laser, no moving parts, all electronics) ensuring maximum reading performances over 1D barcodes and unsurpassed reliability.
  • Evolution: Blade is fully backward compatible in terms of mechanical installation and reading coverage (distance, barcode resolution, connectivity) with DS2x00.

Blade models provide ready-to-use, cutting edge solutions supporting a variety of Traceability applications in OEM, Factory and Warehousing Automation, whenever 1D barcodes are in use. Main Sub-Industry targets are Packaging (Pharma, Food & Beverage) and Intralogistics (Warehouse Automation and general Intralogistics).

Main applications: Tote Routing, primary and secondary packaging traceability, end of line traceability/sorting. The Series is made of two product versions, Blade 100 and Blade 200, offering increasing reading power and flexibility to efficiently match different application needs.

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