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A1 Variable Frequency Drive

Product name:
A1 Variable Frequency Drive

Order number:

Frequency Drive

Product types:
Drives – Frequency Converter

Technology & Profiles:

Application class(es):
Frequency Converter (AC1)

Certification number:


100#,Ruyuan Rd.
Xiangcheng SuZhou

Tel 0512-66189688

Product description:


1 Excellent control performance

◆ Support induction motor(IM) and synchronous motor(PM) control
◆ Speed control of SVC (Sensorless vector control) and FVC (Feedback vector control with encoder) : Speed regulation range of SVC is 1:100 and FVC is 1:1000
◆ Support torque control of SVC mode and FVC mode
◆ Speed fluctuation in speed control mode:± 3rpm; torque accuracy in torque mode:± 5%

2 Flexible software functions

◆ Multiple commond types:Local, Terminal, Communication
◆ Up to 16 different constant speeds can be set and selected
◆ general PID controller for process control
◆ Provide free programming module and parameter interconnection, which can be combined and matched freely according to the on-site process
◆ Integrated characteristic functions, such as adaptive speed with load, anti sway control, Smooth rotation, etc
◆ Contains the control module (CM) and the power module (PM), different power types and application types can be composed conveniently
◆ Support multiple communication protocols:Modbus、CANopen
◆ Status display via LCDs on the Operator Panel in Chinese and English,Support commissioning software based PC——Boneng DriveSoft

3 Strong environmental adaptability

◆ Slim booksize structure to meet side-by-side installation requirements in electrical cabinets
◆ Built-in A-class filter (optional), and external filter, meeting the strict electromagnetic level requirements
◆ No electronic components in the radiator, more powerful heat dissipation effect
◆ Built-in high altitude automatic adjustment function, can be used normally at an altitude of 4000m

4 Advanced modular design for fast delivery

5 Easy to use and maintainion

◆ Screw free crimping type of IO terminals can be connected and maintained without screw drive
◆ Detachable power terminal, power cable easy to installed conveniently
◆ 105 ° long-life electrolytic capacitor, extending trouble free service life
◆ Advanced semiconductor module and MCU, extremely low failure rate quality assurance

6 Classic application

◆ Single axle drive requiring high precision speed control,Such as cranes, stackers, hoists, extruders, grinders, mixers, crushers, wire drawing machines, plate rolling machines, centrifuges, material transportation, handling, fan pumps , etc.

7 PROFIDrive AC1

◆ Standard telegram 1, Telegram 352, BONENG free telegram


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