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PROFINET PA Profile Innovation Bundle



The PROFINET PA Profile Test Bundle supports the development of PROFINET PA field devices. It can be used as a means of supplementary preparation for the mandatory certification for PROFINET devices with supported PA profile V 4.02MU1. This innovation bundle now also supports test cases for actuator devices.

The official PROFINET Test Bundles retains its validity, this is just an addition. The PA profile test cases can be used from this innovation bundle or from the last official PROFINET Test Bundle.
Each device must have passed the official PROFINET tests with the manufacturer instance before.

This bundle contains:

  • RT-Tester (ART) with the latest version of PA Profile test cases.

The following test cases for the PA Profile test are included:

  • General:
    • AdressingMapping
    • ParameterAttributes
    • Startup
    • Physical Block
    • Diagnosis
    • Manual
  • Block specific test cases
    • Analog Input FB
    • Analog Output FB
    • Binary Input FB
    • Binary Output FB
    • Discrete Input FB
    • Discrete Output FB
    • Enumerated Input FB
    • Enumerated Output FB
    • Totalizer FB
    • Actuator FB (new)
    • Flow TB
    • Level TB
    • Temperature TB
    • Pressure TB
    • Actuator TB (new)

Test cases for the other block types are under development and will be published at a later time.

The necessary Profile GSD files can be downloaded from the PI website (GSDML-V2.43-PA_Profile_V4.02-*-20230217.xml).

Version 2024-05-03 (V2.44.4)

This Test Bundle V2.44.4 PA Release shall be used for PA Profile certification tests.

This is an addition to the tests of Version 2023-08-25 (V2.44.1)


Expected timelines for test bundles


BOT (Begin Of Test)  V2.44.4:  May 3, 2024

EOT (End Of Test)     V2.44.4:   August 1, 2024*

Real stop for certification (EOT + 3 months): 2024-10-31*


* Expected, but not yet decided! Shifts in planning and timeline will be communicated here


For support or feedback, please contact: pn-ts-support(at)oth-aw(dot)de


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