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PROFINET Conformance Class A Cabling



This guide aims to outline the conditions under which the ISO/IEC 24702 Standard may be applied for the purpose of cabling a PROFINET network. Given the openness of PROFINET, Conformance Class A can also be achieved without actually using PROFINET-specific cabling.

However, PROFINET-specific cabling is absolutely indispensable for any Conformance Class B and C automation applications, as only this form of cabling offers the necessary properties for meeting the performance and availability requirements.

This guide is aimed at:

  • Network designers
  • Network operators

Its contents apply to:

  • Conformance Class A
  • Cabling

The guide is based on the following standards:

  • ISO/IEC 24702 (2006-10) and
  • IEC 61918/IEC 61784-5-3 (2007-12)

Version: 1.0
Order No.: 7.072
Language: English

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