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PROFIdrive Profile Tester

PROFIdrive/Drives , PROFINET


The PROFIdrive Profile Tester supports the development of PROFINET devices with PROFIdrive or ENCODER Profile application interfaces. It can be used as a means for preparation of the PROFIdrive certification and also as test tool to run self-programmed test scripts.

V5.0 is an improved and reworked V4.0 and adds isochronous operation (sign of life and DSC test).


With V5.1 the additional features Device Access, PROFIdrive on PROFIsafe and Alarm channel/Diagnostics (for both PROFIdrive & Encoder) can be tested and the Encoder Profile V4.2 tests can be performed.

With V5.2 the console application for test automation, SLP test and enhanced ENCODER profile V4.2 tests are added. . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardware requirements:

  Personal computer: IBM compatible PC, with one free PCI slot

  Free space on HD:  150 MB or more

  PROFINET PCI controller board: Siemens CP1616, order number 6GK1161-6AA02

Software requirements:

  Operating systems:  MS-Windows 7 SP1 64-bit or MS-Windows 10 64-bit


1. For installation you need administrator privileges.

2. Follow the instructions of the Install Wizard.

3. For further installation details see the User Guide.


A maximum of one CP1616 is permitted in one PC. The CP1616 shall be used exclusively by the Profile Tester and shall not be used also by other software, different from the Profile Tester.

V40-311   Profile Tester Version V4.0 Build 3.11
V40-311a Profile Tester Version V4.0 Build 3.11 with Test Case update 1 
V40-481   Profile Tester Version V4.0 Build 4.8.1
V40-4180 Profile Tester Version V4.0 Build 4.18  
                Extention of test cases for ENCODER profile certification test.
V50-113   Profile Tester Version V5.0 Build 1.13 
                 New frame work. Isochronous operation supported.

V50-114   Profile Tester Version V5.0 Build 1.14 
                 Bugfix for TIA Portal engineered projects.

V51-010   Profile Tester Version V5.1 Build 0.10 
                 Support of Device Access, PROFIdrive on PROFIsafe,
                 Alarm channel/Diagnostics and Encoder Profile V4.2.

V51-011   Profile Tester Version V5.1 Build 0.11

                 Updated Script package



V52-015   Profile Tester Version V5.2 Build 0.15
                 Console application for test automation
                 SLP-Test, 64bit data type support
                 Connection to DUT via device access possible without CP1616

                 Updated Script package for PROFIdrive and ENCODER V4.2



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