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Host Application Profile



Application profiles usually define the functionality from the point of view of field devices. This specification is closing the gap, defining the necessary functions of the counterpart of the field device – the host with its related engineering system. Typically, the host is a PLC or a DCS controller.

This specification does not describe any new feature. It rather provides an overview of which PROFIBUS/PROFINET functionality on the host side is required for which application profile.

Version: 1.2
Order No: 3.902
Language: English


New drafts for PI-Review:

Version: d1.3
Order No.: 3.902
Language: English


This draft is published for testing and review only. It must not be used for development purposes.

Comments to be submitted to  until 21.02.2020.


File "Diff-Host-Appl-Profile_3902_V12-to-d13.pdf" shows the differences between new Draft 1.3 and previous Final V1.2.

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# Date Filename Type Size
03/03/2014 Host-Profile_3902_V12_Jan14.pdf pdf 2 MB
21/11/2019 Host-Profile_3902_d13_Nov19.pdf pdf 1 MB
21/11/2019 Diff-Host-Appl-Profile_3902_V12_to_d13.pdf pdf 417 KB

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PROFINET ist der innovative offene Standard für Industrial Ethernet. Es erfüllt alle Anforderungen der Automatisierungstechnik.





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