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Certified PROFIBUS System Design

  • 04.12.2019
  • 02.06.2020

An intense course with a preparatory textbook and online preparation covering the optimal design of networked automation and control systems. Centred on PROFIBUS technology, but also covers the use of PROFINET, AS-i, HART, 4-20 mA and IO-Link technologies.

This course has now been accredited by PI and is already recognised by many companies as the minimum requirement for PROFIBUS system designers and those that are associated with PROFIBUS system specification, design and procurement at a technical level.

The course features a substantial amount of online tuition and exams together with a practical design project, all intended to be undertaken over the 2 weeks preceding actual attendance at the Training Centre.

A final Contact Day is dedicated to the actual Certified PROFIBUS System Design part of the course, covering assessment of the Design Project and further tuition followed by final exams. 

The need for this course

Good quality PROFIBUS, PROFINET and AS-i training have been widely available for installers, maintenance technicians and engineers for many years. Unfortunately, key decision makers – managers, system designers and system integrators are quite often less well trained than others who are involved in the engineering. Many of the errors that can be seen in installations are traceable to fundamental decisions that were taken at the early stages of the project. For example, use of inappropriate fieldbus for an application, lack of awareness of maintenance and fault-finding facilities, over-complex or inappropriate system architecture, design decisions based on equipment purchasing cost rather than whole life-cycle costs, etc. 

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at anyone who is dealing with the specification, design or procurement of modern automation and control systems at the engineering or technical level. The course is also suitable for device manufacturers, system integrators and technical sales/marketing people who want to know the best way to put systems together. 

Certified PROFIBUS Installer and recent (within last 12 months) attendance of the Commissioning & Maintenance course are pre-requisite to taking this course. 


What does the course cover?

The course provides a top-down approach to designing a modern automation and control system and helps managers and designers to make the correct decisions from the project beginning. The course covers the optimal use of networking and communications systems including PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP and PA, AS-i, and IO-Link.

Click here for full information about the course including Learning Outcomes


  • Components of Automation Systems 
    • Automation System Architecture
    • Analogue and Digital Signals
    • Quantitative and Logical Control Systems
    • AS-i
    • 4-20mA Transmission
    • HART
    • IO-Link
    • PROFIBUS System Architecture - Fibre optic, infra-red and wireless transmission
    • Design for Hazardous Area
  • PROFIBUS DP System Design
    • Planning
    • Grouping PROFIBUS nodes
    • Redundant Schemes
    • Design Constraints
    • Electrical Installation Design – Grounding, Shielding and Surge Protection
    • Fibre Optic Solutions
    • Copper cabling – Sub-D, M12 Connectors, Spurs and Network Speed
    • Case Study – PROFIBUS DP in Water Industry
    • PROFIBUS DP Intrinsic Safety
    • Design Documents
    • Controller and PROFIBUS DP Bus Cycle Time
  • PROFIBUS PA Design
    • PA Network Layout
    • PA Redundancy
    • PA Profile, Device GSD and DTM
    • DP/PA Coupler or Link
    • DP and PA Segments Design
    • PA Network Cycle Time
  • Design for Hazardous Environment 
    • Protection Techniques
    • Device Certification
    • Entity Design Method
    • FISCO Design Method
    • Overvoltage Protection
  • PROFIBUS PA Design Examples 
    • Reactor 1 Description
    • Calculating Currents and Voltages of a PA Segment
    • Design Documents
    • Design Software
    • FISCO Design for Reactor 1


  • Day 1 : 9:00 - 17:00
  • Certified PROFIBUS System Design Contact Day, covering assessment of the Design Project, further tuition followed by final exams. 
  • Note that the online questions and answers account for 50% of the overall marks and the written exam the remaining 50%.  

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Guideline Notes – Online Study and Preparation for PROFIBUS System Design Course

The PROFIBUS System Design Course is an intense course, leading to a valuable professional qualification.

Whilst there is only 1 day of actual classroom work, there is a large element of online work and a textbook (sent free of charge to registered trainees but also available from Amazon) to be studied as an essential part of the course, requiring at least 2 hours dedicated work per day over the 2 weeks before the classroom sessions.

After the initial reading and online study, trainees are required to submit a PROFIBUS network design for a chosen application with network layout drawing and calculations. Students need to allow about 2 hours a day over a period of at least 4 days to think about their application, gather relevant information and plan their PROFIBUS network.

The online questions need at least one day to complete.

People booking themselves or others onto this course need to plan well in advance to ensure that sufficient time is allocated for the student(s) to complete the online studies, questions and design example along with all the documents and calculations required for the Certified Designers qualification.

"I found the Design Course enjoyable and with the time given between the installer course and this one, it allowed me to become familiar with the different Profibus configurations and equipment that is implemented on a live site. "  - John Sloss, Scottish Water


NB: It is recommended that a student’s first sign-on to the online training module should be completed no less than 2 weeks before the date of the course.

Company Management and Training Departments are expected to support their employees in gaining this valuable professional qualification by providing sufficient study time in their work schedules to complete their online and textbook studies, questions and design example.


To Register - See bottom of page for Registration Form

This course is also available for delivery on-site for groups of 6 or more. Please contact Ann on +44 207 193 8018 to discuss arrangements.  




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