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Z-Line Pressure Transmitter

Product name:
Z-Line Pressure Transmitter

Order number:

IO-Link Z-Line Pressure Transmitter

Product types:
Pressure, Temperature

Technology & Profiles:

Keller AG für Druckmesstechnik

St. Gallerstr. 119
8404 Winterthur

Christian Gysel
Tel +41 52 235 2525

Product description:

Pressure Transmitter with IO-Link Interface

  • Smart  Sensor Profile, 2. Edition

  • Analog signals from the pressure cell and the temperature sensor are digitized and compensated at the factory over pressure and temperature, using mathematic modelling. Field values (compensated pressure and temperature) can be filtered using different low pass filters.

  • Process Data

    • Resulting process value is available as float or as integer with decimal digits (scale value)

    • Process data contain the 32-bit process value, 8-Bit scale value and switching signal channel status

    • The data acquisition is synchronized to the IO-Link communication. The data currency is maximal 1ms (600us time for ADC Sampling post processing of the data and 400us to send the data to the IO-Link Master).

    • Pressure value can be scaled with gain and offset, which are store permanently (values are excluded from data storage in order to calibrate the transmitter outside the machine and the IO-Link Master will not override this calibration values.)

  • Switching signal channel (SSC)

    • Available with two different switching modes (single point, window)

    • Values are stored permanently, in order to configure the transmitter on the workbench and use it a as pressure switch without IO-Link in the machine

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