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SPE Weighing Sensor - 2 Block SAI format - capacities from 420g to 7100g : 0.1 / 10mg readability - 92/488Hz @ network speed

Product name:
SPE Weighing Sensor - 2 Block SAI format - capacities from 420g to 7100g : 0.1 / 10mg readability - 92/488Hz @ network speed

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Newest PROFINET capable automation weighing sensor for machine builders – includes PoE and MRP

Product types:
other PROFINET Device

Technology & Profiles:

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Mettler Toledo GmbH

Imlangacher 44
CH8606 Greifensee

Ewald Regenscheit
Tel +41 79 127 93 20

Product description:

Product Description

The SPE weigh modules combine a fortified design with high-precision weighing performance and convenient modularity.  With capacities from 420 g to 7100 g and readability from 0.1 mg to 10 mg, the weigh modules are suitable for many different applications in filling or quality control. Complete fully integrated electronics and Power over Ethernet saves valuable machine space and avoids installation errors. The standard automation interface SAI gives you ready to read floating point data, condition monitoring and Smart5™ Red Alarms.  Using the GSDML file, supporting documentation and function block integration takes less than 10 minutes and are available on All METTLER TOLEDO automation products supported and serviced worldwide though 40 direct organizations and 140 distributor partners.

2-Block Format

The SAI 2-block format is intended for those engineers who want the smallest cyclical data set that includes on weight variable and condition monitoring.  For more simultaneous values we suggest the 8-Block format where you will be able view weight updates at both 92 and 488 Hz. 

Media Ring Profile

SPE also supports MRP function for building ring networks while saving cabling and switch ports without losing speed. 

Reliable Long-Term Operation

The durable design and high overload protection in all directions protects the weigh module during installation and operation.

As Flexible As Your Machine Design

High modularity reduces procurement and stock-keeping complexity. Select the optimal configuration and accessories for your different needs.

Optimized Machine Throughput
Maximize production throughput in high-speed applications with our fast update rate, impressive settling time for direct feedback loop.

Effortless Engineering and Installation

Minimize programming time with standardized interface implementation, device description files and sample codes.

Industrial Ethernet Connectivity

Fully integrated PROFINET Industrial Ethernet interface allows direct integration into a real-time automation network.

Automatic routine testing

The module's functionality can be automatically verified at any time with the internal calibration weight, saving the effort of manual tests with external weights.

Simplified Clean-In-Place

The optional wash-down module protects the weigh module during inline cleaning processes


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