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smartLink HW-DP

Product name:
smartLink HW-DP

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smartLink HW-DP is an IIOT Gateway that enables Industry 4.0 connectivity for new and existing PROFIBUS DP networks & Plant Asset Management for field devices using standard industry tools.

Product types:
Analyser, Enabling Technology, DP - Master

Technology & Profiles:

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Softing Industrial Automation GmbH

Richard-Reitzner-Allee 6
85540 Haar

Christian Bräutigam

Product description:

IIoT Gateway connecting to legacy networks, enabling Industry 4.0 connectivity

Connection of PROFIBUS and HART devices to HART IP, OPC UA, MQTT and FDT/DTM.

smartLink HW-DP provides PLC independent access to PROFIBUS DP Networks. It enables Plant Asset Management for field devices using standard industry tools and allows using HART IP as a standardized format. smartLink HW-DP is a compact tool that can be integrated without interfering with the operation of existing installations. Thus, it enables Industry 4.0 connectivity for new and existing PROFIBUS DP networks.


Configuration, Parameterization and Plant Asset Management Using Standard Industry Tools

  • Independent of configuration tools
  • Centralized and time-saving parameterization of PROFIBUS and HART field devices directly from the control room using HART IP and HART over PROFIBUS
  • Access to Plant Asset Management applications for field devices configuration based on FDT/DTM and EDDL standards (acyclic master)

Direct Connectivity to PROFIBUS Segments

  • Single access point to PROFIBUS DP segment from Industrial Ethernet networks
  • Acts as PROFIBUS DP master class 2
  • Support of one PROFIBUS DP segment

Key Component for Transition to State-of-the-Art Technology

  • Re-use of existing PROFIBUS segments without requiring modification
  • Access to cyclic and acyclic data via HART-IP and OPC UA


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