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other PROFINET Device

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Symeo GmbH

Professor-Messerschmitt-Str. 3
85579 Neubiberg

Stefan Weckler
Tel +49 89 660 77 96 0

Product description:

Robust Distance Sensor LPR®-1D24


LPR®-1D24 is a highly-precise and robust radio sensor for long-range distance measurements, position detection as well as collision avoidance of cranes and rail-bound transport systems. By combing two sensors into one measuring pair, the LPR®-1D24 radar system can detect the exact crane position in real-time. Additional data such as the crane hook height, the load status or the speed can also be transferred via the wireless LPR® channel and is made available at standard interfaces. The units can be easily configured and put into operation via a user-friendly web browser interface – without installing special software.


The radar sensor features a multi-channel radio antenna which is integrated in the robust housing and makes the device easy to install and operate. Additionally, the 2 transmit and 4 receive channels of the diversity antenna enable multiple parallel measurements for extremely robust measurement results.

Even under the harshest conditions and weather environments such as rain, fog, snow, dust, smoke or vibrations, the patented wireless technology LPR® operates reliably and with a high degree of availability - indoors and outdoors.


 Key features at a glance:

  • Precise distance measurement sensor with data transmission
  • For exact crane positioning, long distance measurements of up to 1.000 m and reliable collision avoidance, even for cranes at different levels
  • Contactless wireless measurements using the license-free 24 GHz ISM band
  • One-of-a-kind patented radar technology LPR®
    • Industry-proven
    • Unaffected by contamination, weather, dust, dirt, vibrations
    • Maintenance- and wear-and-tear-free
  • Robust housing (IP 65)
  • Integrated multi-channel diversity antenna for robust measurements and easy installation (2 transmit and 4 receive channels)
  • Built-in switch relays
  • User-friendly web browser interface for simple configuration
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