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Liquistation CSF48

Product name:
Liquistation CSF48

Automatic liquid sampler

Product types:

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:


Christoph Merian-Ring 12
4153 Reinach

Lukas Klausmann

Product description:

Fully automatic sampling in water, wastewater and industrial applications

Sampling made safe and easy. The Liquistation CSF48 automatic water sampler complies with worldwide water regulation, features a fail-safe cooling system and vandalism-proof housing guaranteeing outstanding safety for your samples. Easy, menu-guided sample programming and tool-free maintenance save you time in your everyday tasks. Liquistation can be upgraded with up to 4 Memosens sensor channels to a complete measuring station for modern environmental monitoring at any time giving you the flexibility to address future demands.With Heartbeat Technology you can reach the perfect balance between maintenance effort and highest possible plant availability. 



  • Automatic water sampling in full compliance with all relevant national and international standards such as ISO 5667
  • 100% adaptable to any monitoring task from time- or flow-controlled sampling to event-controlled sampling
  • By connecting up to 4 Memosens sensors, the sampler can be upgraded to a fully-fledged measuring station (e.g. for event monitoring)
  • Offers all the benefits of the Liquiline platform, such as uniform operation of all devices, easy expandability and reduced need for spare part stock thanks to standardized components
  • Fully integrable in any process control system thanks to digital fieldbus communication and remote access via web server
  • Quick cleaning and maintenance thanks to easy, tool-free removal of wetted parts
  • Heartbeat Technology enables status-oriented maintenance of the device, saving resources and costs


Field of application

Liquistation CSF48 is suitable for the following applications:

  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants:
    - Self monitoring
    - Process monitoring
    - Monitoring of indirect dischargers
    - Monitoring of sewage system

  • Authorities and water management authorities:
    - Water protection and water quality
    - Monitoring of direct and indirect dischargers

Device properties

  • Dosing system

    Vacuum pump system
    Peristaltic pump system

  • Suction height

    6 m (19.69 ft) suction height
    8 m (26.25 ft) suction height

  • Cabinet

    Plastic PS
    Plastic ASA+PC
    Stainless Steel V2A
    Stainless Steel V4A

  • Process temperature

    Sample temperature: 2 to 50 °C
    (36 to 122 °F)

  • Process pressure

    Max. 0.8 bar
    (Max. 11.6 psi)

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