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Specification Slave Redundancy



This Specification describes Slave Redundancy Mechanism for PROFIBUS which are the basic mechanisms for a redundant slave used in several control systems with several master implementations.

Parts of this document were moved and transformed to other Specification of PROFIBUS&PROFINET International (PI) respectively of International Standards, where the PI-technology is described:

  • PROFIBUS Data Link Layer
  • PROFIBUS Application Layer
  • GSD Description

Major changes in V1.1 compared to V1.0:

  •  Clause 2 Normative references updated to the actual documents and revisions
  •  Clause 4 System architecture
  •  New Subclause 4.1; references to IEC 61784-1 and IEC 61158 Ed.3
  •  minor editorial corrections
  •  Table 5 ? State Machine of Red-Instance; revised according IEC 61158 Ed.3
  •  Subclause 5.5.1 Prm_Command; Bit 3 description amended; Bit 7 description revised according IEC 61158 Ed.3
  •  Annex B GSD requirements; revised according ISO 15745-3 (PNO GSD V5.0)

Version: 1.2
Order No.: 2.212
Language: English

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