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PROFINET Security Level 1 (Netload)



Because Security becomes more and more important for production networks, robustness and an adequate behavior in case of security incidents are necessary qualities of automation devices. The netload test helps to improve these qualities.

In order to achieve a common approach to evaluate the behavior of PROFINET IO nodes a netload test is used to provide common test conditions.

The document "Guideline PROFINET IO Security Level 1 (Netload)" (7.302) describes the focus of the netload test and provides background information concerning the netload test as part of the PROFINET certification.

The document "Testspecification PROFINET Security Level 1 (Netload)" (2.302) describes how to get the information of the test pattern for Security Level 1 test for PROFINET IO. The test cases shall describe the actual valid frames and sequences that are included in the PN Test Bundle.

Guideline PROFINET IO Security Level 1  (Netload) and Testspecification PROFINET Security Level 1 (Netload) are included in the PROFINET Test Bundle.

 PROFINET Test Bundle

Guideline PROFINET IO Security Level 1 (Netload):
Order No.: 7.302
Language: English

Testspecification PROFINET Security Level 1 (Netload):
Version: 1.1.6
Order No.: 2.302
Language: English

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28/02/2017 PNIO-Security-Level-1-Guideline_7302_V1211_Jan17.pdf pdf 1 MB
18/04/2017 PNIO-Security-Level-1-Test_2302_V116_Mar17.pdf pdf 383 KB

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