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Image Brochure: PROFIBUS & PROFINET International



Both Process and Discrete Manufacturing enterprises have to stay competitive in today's global marketplace. That means automating as many production processes as possible, and linking them effectively to IT management systems so that timely and useful data reaches the right places fast, letting managers make the decisions that lead to 'results'.
Since 1989, PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) has been supporting that vision with the best automation technology available.

Our mission: to deliver maximum business advantage.

Our organization is the most effective in the world, and our technologies are backed globally by all major automation vendors. Our solutions can help your plant meet and exceed its targets. Our twin networking protocols PROFIBUS & PROFINET are world class technologies, designed to support the most demanding manufacturing environments, and deliver real business benefits.

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Unsere bekannten Technologien


PROFIBUS ist ein standardisiertes, offenes, digitales Kommunikationssystem für alle Anwendungsbereiche der Fertigungs- und Prozessautomatisierung.





PROFINET ist der innovative offene Standard für Industrial Ethernet. Es erfüllt alle Anforderungen der Automatisierungstechnik.





IO-LINK ist eine eigenständige Sensor/Aktor-Interface-Lösung für den Einsatz in allen Automatisierungstechniken.